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I was bored so I decided to make a list of my favorite manga. I thought to choose the 10 best, but I couldn't leave some out of the list, so in the end I have 15 manga in my best-list ^^
Some are classics that everyone knows, but it's only normal because the classics really are good. :D
If someone is looking for recommendations I hope you'll found some here. I read mainly Shoujo so that what I can recommend. :)

I sorted it by the time I read the manga and not by what I like the most, because I really couldn't choose...
So... Let's begin!
***May cointain Spoilers***

Death Note
Genres: Shounen, Supernatural, Psychological.

Who didn't hear of Death Note? I know some people who has zero interest in manga/anime or in Japan whatsoever, but still watched Death Note. This manga has such an impact, that children in Japan honestly believed there are death notes, made some and started writing names of people they hate... It reminds me of Harry Potter, that many children believed Hogwarts is real, too.

In general, Death Note is about a boy name Raito who find a black note that fell from the sky, a note that if you write a person's name in it- he'll die in 40 seconds. Raito decides to use this weapon to clean the world from criminals, and starts to kill people. All the people in the world acknowledge him and called him Kira (=killer). The police wanted to stop him, because he kills people without detention, so they called L- a detective. From then on, the battle between Kira and L begins.

Death Note fans divide into 2 groups- some support Kira, because he fight evil and who doesn't want a peaceful world? And some support L, because they believe justice can not be decided by only one person. I'm in the first group. I like Kira. :D

Fruits Basket
Genres: Shoujo, Supernatural, Comedy.

I acknowleged this series first by its anime. I watched the anime almost 8 years ago, and I liked it very much. And then!! Someone told me there's a continuation of the story in the manga! I was so happy I ran and read the manga... XD
I read this manga 3 times, and everytime I found new things I didn't notice in the previous read. Part of it because my English got better.

The story tells about a 16-years-old girl name Tohru that her mother died and she has no where to live at the moment. She decides to live in a tent in the forest, but some people find her and invite her to live with them. One of them is Yuki Sohma, the prince of her class. She agrees to their offer, and little by little she gets to know the different members of the Sohma family. There is a curse on the Sohma family, and because of that 13 people from the family turn to the animals from the zodiac when they're hugged by the opposite sex. Tohru gets to know Kyo Sohma, who is banned from the family until he can beat Yuki, and meanwhile they fall in love with each other. So now Tohru's porpuse is to remove the curse from this family!

This manga escorted me through my teen-days, and I learned a lot from the kind-heart Tohru and the members of the Sohma family. I recommend everyone to read this manga (or to see the anime), it's really one of the greatest stories ever made. Sometimes there are sad parts, but that's part of the things that make this story so beautiful.

Genres: Shoujo, School Life, Comedy.

I never finished this manga, because of various reasons, but I have 2 volumes of this series at home so it count as something precious to me. ;)

This manga tells the story of a boy name Asuka, who likes girly things like knitting and cooking, and in the beginning tries to hide it from everyone around him. But someday a guy name Tachibana finds out about him, and because he's a mangaka- he decides to write a manga about Asuka. (BTW, in the manga Asuka is a girl.) A girl name Ryo also discovers Asuka's real nature, but because she's such a tomboy she finds Asuka's qualifications very admirable. No need to say that Asuka falls in love with Ryo, and in the end of the manga they even get married ^_^

Even thought Otomen tells about a girly guy, this manga doesn't contain a speck of gayness in it! In addition, the drawing is amazing and you just can't stop starring at all the cookies and clothes Asuka makes :)

Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume
Genres: Shoujo, Comedy, Slice of Life.

This manga is very funny, really. The characters always say sharp things, and almost every second sentence is a joke or a gag. The characters also have uniqe personalities, everyone has its own weird behaviour.

So for the plot- Uru is a high-school girl that decides to move out and live alone, because her mother remarried and she doesn't want to be a burden on her mom and her new dad (who's very protective to Uru, BTW xD). Uru starts working at a Cafe, where the chef is Shindo- a young man with a frightening face that drives everyone away from him- and the waiter is Ichirou- a guy who falls asleep every time the sugar in his blood is too low, and therefore needs someone to put some food into his mouth in order for him to wake up. In the middle of the manga we meet the manager, who has poor sense of direction and can lose his way even to the bathroom. XD

Uru and her friends meet new people and costumers, discover new things about themselves and about their friends, and in general live a life. The art is very good, too. (:

Cat Street
Genres: Shoujo, Romance, Drama.

I read this manga a veeeery long time ago, so I don't remember well what happened in it. But I read it in 2 days, because I liked it so much and had no patience to wait with it. So I decided to include it here ^_^

Cat Street tells about a girl name Keito, who was a child-actress in the past. She liked to act in plays very much, but one time she forgot her lines and from then on she didn't go on stage. Moreover, now she doesn't even go out from her house very much, not even to school. As a consequence, she doesn't know to read well (especially Kanji).

I don't remember why, but she decides to go to a special school, in which there aren't normal studies, but each person does the things he likes (if any). In this school she meets wonderful friends that help her to gain self-confidence again. Those friends are Rei (loves soccer), Momiji (a girl who likes to make unique clothes) and Koichi (a computer freak).

I like this manga because it's one of a few in which the heroine likes the same persom I like and not the typical guy a heroine normally will fall for. It was very surprising that in the end Keito married the quiet, computer-lover Koichi and not the lively, soccer-guy Rei. It was quite refreshing. ^^

NG Life
Genres: Shoujo, Gender Bender, Comedy.

NG Life is a little special gender-bender manga, because there aren't people who crossdress. Instead of it, there are people who were girls in their previous life and now they're boys, and the other way round.

The manga tells about a guy name Saeki Keidai, who remembers his previous life, in which he lived in Pompeii, Italia. He also had a lovely wife called Serena in those previous life, and Saeki is still in love with her. Someday, a new kid moves to the house next to his, and--?! It's Serena! No, it isn't Serena, and moreover it's a boy! Serena was born again as a boy name Yuma, and Saeki can't help but think of him a his beloved wife...

In addition, his best friend from Pompeii was born as a girl name Serizawa, a girl that is in love with Saeki. What will Saeki do? He can't love his best friend! He's a guy! (Well now he's a girl, but Saeki don't want to think like that XD)

As you can see, Saeki has a lot of identity problems, and they just grow bigger when he meets more and more interesting characters. I think this is the funniest manga I ever read, I almost choked myself to death out of laughter a couple of times "XD

Heart no Kuni no Alice
Genre: Shoujo, Fantasy, Harem.

Well, this manga is just a successful parody on Alice in Wonderland. This manga has hundred of versions, but I think this one is the original (and it also has the prettiest drawning. Man, the art is just beautiful!)

So there is Alice, a girl who run after a rabbit and finds herself in wonderland. Or this time, in the kingdom of hearts. There she meets weird people and creatures, and it seems like everybody wants to kill her. But also everyone likes her very much. Well, it's Harem after all. In this kingdom you can't die for real, because everyone has a clock and if someone kills you, you just need to fix your clock and everything's OK. That's why no one think it's a bad thing to kill Alice. She'll live forever, no?

Alice goes through a lot of adventures, until she comes back to her regular world (not before she finally decides who's the person she likes ;)), happy end! ^^

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu
Genres: Shoujo, Romance, Drama.

Known as I'll give my first love to you, too. It has a wonderful and amazing movie, but of course you can't squeeze a whole manga into a 2Hr movie, so in the manga there are a lot more details.

I think this manga is super romantic and super sad, too. It has the feeling that something just have to go wrong, and eventually it does. The manga tells about a boy name Takuma, that has a problem in his heart. He has a best friend name Mayu, and they also love each other very much. At a very young age, Takuma discovers he won't reach age 20, therefore he wouldn't be able to marry Mayu. From then on he decided no to be involve with Mayu or get close to her, because she'll be very sad when he'll die if they'll be close. But this distance is hard for the both of them and they just can't ignore each other.

There are a lot of sad scenes in this story. I almost abandoned the manga when Kou-sama was involved in car-accident with Mayu, and Takuma was sure Mayu was killed. My soul wasn't prepared! I thought all the time Takuma's gonna die and suddenly they kill Mayu? But I continued reading and everything was fine in the end ^^

Strobe Edge
Genres: Shoujo, Roamnce, School Life.

In this manga there are a lot of one-sided loves. ^^ But eventually everyone end up with someone so it's good. :)
The story tells about a chibi girl called Ninako, that falls in love at first sight with the popular Ren, that already has a girlfriend. When she confess to him on a whim, at the train station, he tells her he already has a girlfriend and she just answers: "I know!" Ninako decides to be friends with Ren, because she can't be his girlfriend of course.

Ren is very protective of his girlfriend, who's older than him and a model. He's always there for her, when she needs someone that would listen to her and when she feels sad. But in the end Ren falls in love unknowingly with Ninako, and his girlfriend feels he's drifting apart from her. As she said, he's growing wings and going his own way in life. So she dumps him. XD

And then in the end Ninako and Ren can be together! A happy ending. This manga is much better from what I described, and the art is very good, too.

Ao Haru Ride
Genres: Shoujo, Roamnce, School Life.

I call this manga "the most romantic manga ever". And it's true! Well, seconds to Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu, maybe. Anyway, this manga is about a boy and a girl that like each other, but because of multiple reasons couldn't be together until the very end. I started reading this manga when it was still on-going, and I kept reading it faithfully for two whole years until it was finished. ^-^

It tells about a girl called Futaba, that likes her classmate Tanaka Kou. In the end of 7th grade Kou transferred to another school because of family-buisness, and Futaba doesn't see him until 11th-grade. When Kou is back, he's a differnt person. He doesn't care about studing or school, not very interested in making friends and most important- even though he likes Futaba very much, he doesn't say it to her. Futaba tries to befriend Kou, and almost break the sheild he put over himself, but things keep poping up and interferring. But she never gives up or lose her love, and she keeps approaching him.

I think this manga is one of the most realistic manga I read. I mean, Kou's mother died out of cancer. This is very realistic. I don't know a lot of manga with people dying from cancer, they die from car accidents (That's very realistic too, sadly) or from some "mysterios" ilness most of the time..

Hana Kimi
Genres: Gender Bender, Harem, Comedy.

This is the original story of the popular drama "Hana Kimi". I never watched it, though, I started some episodes but never survived it.

I really like gender-bender manga, and gender-bender stories in general. I read a lot of them but not a lot reached my best-list, except Hana Kimi. Because this manga really is good and funny.

Hana Kimi tells about Ashiya, a girl who disguise herself as a boy and enrolls to an all-boys school, in order to meet her sports-hero, Sano. At school she meets a lot of nice people (a lot is a lot, there are many characters in this manga) like Nakatsu, Nanba and Kayashima, while struggling to keep her gender a secret. She lives in the dormitory, and her roommate is Sano, who knows her true gender almost from the first chapter.

I prefer manga in which no one knows the main character's real gender, but in most of the gender-bender manga someone always discover it in the Hana Kimi is not so different. But still I think it would have been more funny if Sano didn't know Ashiya is a girl.

Kami-sama ga Uso o Tsuku
Genres: Seinen, School Life, Tragedy.

This manga contain only 5 chapters, but it's still one of the best. ^_^

The story is about two 6th-graders, a boy and a girl. The boy is short and have no father, and because of that there are people who bully him- like his new couch. The boy decides to befriend a lonely girl in his class, and they spend almost all summer-vacation together.

It sounds like a very normal story, but this story isn't normal at all. The story is pretty shocking, especially when you get to know the girl's daily life. Her father went "squid-hunting" (or some other lie), leaving her with her little brother and her old grandpa, who eventually dies. In order to save her father from getting into jail for children neglect, she buried the grandpa herself in their yard so the police won't ask questions.

The little girl and her brother live for their father, and one day the girl meets him on the street with a woman. Then she realized her father won't return... I won't tell you the end, but it's kind of a happy ending :)

Sakamichi no Apollon
Genres: Josei, Historical, Romance.

This is a music manga, it tells about kids who play jazz in the late '60. I like music manga, because somehow they can give the feeling of music even though the reader can hear nothing.  ^_^

Kaoru is a nerd glasses-boy who comes to a new school. Because he never stayed in one school (because of his father's job) he never manage to make friends, and he's cold to everyone. In the first day at his new school he feel so sick, and dash to the rooftop in order to breath some air. But the door to the rooftop is blocked with some chairs and a blanket, and when Kaoru lifts the blanket he sees the school's delinquet sleeping. The tall, huge and blonde delinquet is Sentarou, and he decides to follow Kaoru (he calls him "Bon" XD) around because he's his "angel". Sentarou likes jazz; Bon doesn't. Little by little Bon drawns into this kind of music, partly because of Sentarou's forcefull drumming talent.

Moreover, there is a girl in their class, name Ritsuko, that Bon likes. But Rii-chan likes Sentarou. And Sentarou likes-- Well, there is a love-pentagon in this story. XD

Sentarou has some family problems, and the thoughtful Bon helps him out from time to time. They're really good friends. Of course they fight from time to time, but they always make up (with Rii-chan's help ^_^). They just like to play jazz together, even after fighting thay can play a season together- Bon, Sentarou, Jun-nii (the neighbour) and Rii-chan's father.

This manga is very pure in my opinion, and a lot happened in it. Even though it looks like a plain slice-of-life manga, it contains a lot of meaningful sayings. It also shows the impact of WWII on Japan- Sentarou's hair is blonde, because he's half-American. The kids in his school always bully him for this, his grandmother too. His step-father too, in some way. Rii-chan's father lost a close friend of his in the war, a music-friend. I like this manga a lot. :)

Hidamari ga Kikoeru
Genres: Shounen-Ai, School Life, Slice of Life.

I read the first volume some time ago, and its status was "complete". But then the mangaka decided to continue the manga (for my happiness of course ;D) so I held no responsibility for the second volume. It's Shounen-Ai, after all...

This story is about a poor University student name Taichi that one day "falls from the sky" (he fell down from a small cliff) and meet another student, name Kouhei, that has hearing-disabilities. Everyone who knows Kouhei think he's unsocial and aloof because he can't hear them well and therefore it's hard for him to communicate. But Taichi doesn't think Kouhei is snobbish, because Kouhei can hear him just fine-- Taichi has such a loud voice it can wake up the deads XD

From then on their friendship gets deeper, as they encounter obstacles and overcome them together. Taichi searches for the thing he want to do in the future, a dream, something with a meaning. Kouhei always live with the fear that he'll become complete deaf, and wouldn't be able to hear Taichi.

I think this is a heart-warming story about accepting of other :)

Hana Yori Dango
Genres: Shoujo, Romance, Comedy.

I finished this manga not so long ago, and it was really really cute. In the beginnig the art is awful, but as the volumes pass (and there are a lot of them) the art becomes better. So if someone hesitates because of the art in the beginnig, don't worry and just start reading! ^^

The manga tells about a poor girl name Tsukushi, that strats to go to a school in which all the students are very rich. The school is ruled by the scary F4, a group of 4 rich boys who think the world belongs to their fathers. Tsukushi somehow annoyes Tsukasa Domyouji, the leader of F4, and he starts pulling strings and all the school starts bulling her. But not a girl like Tsukushi will give up, and she fights back. Because of her fighting spirit, Domyouji falls in love with her.

I must say I really love Domyouji! Some people like him only from when he become a more gentle person, but I liked him from the beginning, when he was still violent toward Tsukushi. I think Domyouji has such a pure heart and he's very cute. Tsukushi's an idiot in the beginning for not wanting such a great person by her side... But in the end even she realizes he's great and they end up together (even though they don't get married, like in the drama...) ^^

The end! ^^

Date: 2015-11-10 09:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ohhh~ finally~ XD
Sorry I just read this like, right now. I was busy a few days ago~ Sorry... DX

You like shoujo manga, eh~? ^^
Ah, That's a good recommendations~
Well, I'm not a shoujo manga fan, but I like to read them too sometimes XD Some of them give me a warm and nice feeling~ like do you read Dengeki Daisy? It's one of my fav shoujo manga too XD

Ah, I already read a few of the manga you listed here^^, but for Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu, Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume and Cat Street, I never read it, yet. Maybe I'll try to read it later if I have time (I still manages my college's paperwork so, I don't have much time) ;_;

Also, some of them, for the honesty say, I'm not reading it until the end...
Because some manga like Sakamichi no Apollon, Ao Haru Ride and Fruit Baskets; I just watched their anime and didn't feel like want to finish it by reading the manga XD I'm so lame, eh? LOL and this same goes for the drama; Hanakimi and HanaYori. I don't read the manga.... Is the manga better than the anime and drama? XD

Date: 2015-11-11 05:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Haha yes, it took me a long time to write this..."XD

Yes, I like Shoujo manga ^^ I told you our tastes are a bit different~ "^^
Thank you ^O^
I think Shoujo manga is very cute, but I admit sometimes the stories are just stupid. XD
I didn't read it, but it sounds very nice from what I've see so maybe I'll read it ^_^

If you don't know Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu you should go read it, the story is really wonderful! And it's kind of sad too... And if you don't have strenght or time you should at last watch the movie ^_^
Oh what do you study in college? :)

Well, I understand you, except for Fruits Basket the manga is not so different from the anime; for Sakamichi no Apollon only the last episode is different. But for Fruits Basket, the anime reaches only until chapter ~40 so there are ~100 manga chapters with more plot :D
I think Hana Kimi the manga is very different from the drama (not as funny, also most of the characters have different personalities and there's no connection between their plots), but for Hana Yori Dango I didn't watch the drama so I can't say (But my friend told me the important parts are the same ^^).

Thanks for reading this~! ^__^

Date: 2015-11-21 07:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
And Hana Yori Dango's drama is the best! I didn't watch it 3 times for nothing ;D
Hanazawa Rui is PERFECT! XD
*running away*

Date: 2015-11-23 04:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hanazawa Rui is a girlfriend-stealer and nothing he'll do won't change my mind! XD
*hitting you on the head anyway*

Date: 2015-11-23 05:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Matsujunmyouji is a violent idiot! XD
Hanazawa Rui in the drama is much better then :P


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