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So my best friend [ profile] oru_desu asked if I have this episode, so here you have it! ^_^

KinKi was a little mischivious with this setting in my opinion, because Tackey wasn't really a normal guest. He was still a young junior at that time, and I think KinKi only wanted someone to be beautiful and quiet and that's all. Tackey merely speaks here XD
This episode contains mainly VTRs, and a lot of Johnny's VTRs. It's so funny I laughed so hard! But then again if you came here for Tackey, you'll be kind of disappointed I think ^^"

The quality isn't great but it's an old episode so why wouldn't it be? ;D
Download link is HERE. Enjoy~ ^_^
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I wrote this fanfic for an exchange, and because it's already in English I thought I'll put it here- if someone is interested in reading ^_^
This fanfic is mainly about TOKIO, but KinKi Kids are there, too ^^

This fanfic is only so-so, it doesn't have as much as funny parts as I would like, but- Oh well.

Fellowship of the Ring

In the middle of an isolated island named "DASH" )

And... Happy 31th birthday Ryo Nishikido! :)


Apr. 22nd, 2014 12:52 pm
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WARNING:  Bad English.   A lot of nicknames.  Stupidity.

TOKIO- A Legendary Band:

Once upon a time was a poor, old dwarf that was already 300-years-old. But yet, he didn't want to retire and to die, because he still remembered how a long time ago he was a successful JRocker, and one time he even had a performance with GACKT. This dwarf's name was Joshima Shigeru.
But the dwarf's grandchildren thought he was useless and pathetic, too. So they decided to sell him into slavery to the loner giant that lived in the great mansion near the mountains and took care of his garden. His name was Matsuoka Masahiro but everyone called him by his fearful nickname- Demokin.
Demokin really was fearful but also had a good-heart, a person with a great liking to night-rides on his motorbike and to pranks that never harm a fly. Therefore, the dwarf's grandchildren decided he's the perfect person for taking-care of their old grandpa.
So, one day they told the old dwarf what to say, pushed him into a sack and dragged him to Demokin's mansion.
Demokin opened the door and looked at them without a word.
"We want to sell you our grandpa," said one of the grandchildren and opened the sack in order to show his booty.
"Buy me, please," said the old dwarf.
Demokin didn't say a word.
"Please!" wailed the elderly, jumped off the sack and hanged on Demokin's leather jacket. "They said that if you don't take me in they'll abandon me in the streets!"
"All right," sigh Demokin. He through a bunch of coins toward the grandchildren and dragged his new slave into the house before they'll realize it was fake money.
The grandchildren didn't care as long as they got rid of their grandpa, and went home happily.
Demokin examined his slave from head to toe, and then asked: "Do you have a name?"
"My name is Joshima Shigeru," said the dwarf with a shining smile on his ugly face.
"Yuck, what a horrible name," said Demokin. "I'll call you Riida." He bended down and tapped on his knees. "Come here, such a good Riida!" He called.
The confused Riida dropped to his knees and tried to bark.
"Great. Good Riida," said Demokin and patted Riida's head. "Now, go get me some water!"
Riida ran outside on four, and Demokin called after him: "Don't forget the bucket!"

In the same time, far far away in Okinawa, young Kokubun Taichi (that was known as "Keyboard" thanks to his great talent on Tuba) stood on a cracking boat and fished with his father.
"Look Dad!" he called. "I caught a shark!"
"Return it immediately to the water!" the father frightened. "It'll bite you!"
"Oh no, it jumps!" called Keyboard and threw a fish on his father. "Right on you!"
His father screamed and threw the fish into the water. Keyboard laughed.
"It wasn't a shark!" He rejoiced. "It was just a fish!"
The embarrassed father threw his fishing rod and ignored his son.
There was 'splash' sound from the edge of the boat. Keyboard glanced over there curiously and saw a hand grabbing the railing of the boat. There was another sound of splashing and another grabbing hand, and Keyboard jumped a meter in the air. A chubby face rose slowly from the water until it reached the hands.
"Hello, my name is Yamaguchi," he said. "Are you allowing me to come aboard?"
"Of course!" said Keyboard's father, that just arrived there. "Come on, Taichi, give me a hand!"
Together they dragged Yamaguchi to their boat, where he collapsed and his fish-tail twitched and whipped.
"You're…a mermaid?" asked Keyboard with choked voice. Beside him, his father fainted.
Yamaguchi turned to Keyboard and looked at him angrily. "Did you just called me 'maid'?" he asked.
Keyboard didn't answer and just rolled the swollen mermaid he found into an aquarium he prepared by chance.
"I can sell you for a lot of money!" called Keyboard and directed the boat to the shore.

Riida wandered near the mountains, scared, with only the bucket to keep him company.
"He said the well is 15 steps from the house," Riida mumbled to himself. "The question is, his steps or my steps?"
A crying sound cause him to stop walking. He went nervously toward the source of the crying, and there he saw a giant man sitting and crying.
"What happened?" asked Riida gently.
"I was born to a family of giants," the big man started. "And in my childhood my name was given to me- Naji *."
Riida realized it's gonna be a long story so he sat down.
"All my life my parents were afraid  I wouldn't grow and I would stay tiny forever," wailed Naji. "And yesterday, when I celebrated my 15th birthday, my parents decided I'll never be big like a normal giant, and they abandoned me here!"
He covered his face with his hands and cried.
"Nakuna, Naji-chan," said the Riida. "I was abandoned, too. Do you want to come to where I live now?"
"OK," said Naji, wiped his tears and got up. Riida took the bucket, that somehow was full of water, and they went back to Demokin's mansion.
Demokin opened the door for them. "Where have you been?" he asked Riida worriedly. "The well is right there."
Indeed, the well was very close to the house, in the opposite direction of Riida's searching.
"I met Naji-chan!" said Riida. "He was abandoned, too, just like me! Can we keep him?"
He directed big puppy eyes toward Demokin, and Naji did the same.
"All right, All right," Demokin gave up. "I can't stand this disgusting look."
They entered the mansion and closed the door.  After a minute there was a knock on the door and Demokin opened it again. There he saw a bared-feet,  torn Keyboard with patched clothes, pulling a wheelbarrow with an aquarium full of bored Yamaguchi after him.
"I heard you collect useless creatures," Keyboard said. "Want to buy it?"
"What is IT?" asked Demokin.
"I'm a mermaid," said Yamaguchi with bored voice and waved his hair gracefully.
"Will you take me too?" asked Keyboard. "I don't want to return home, it's too far away."
"Puppy eyes," whispered Riida and Naji, who peeked behind Demokin.
"No, no!" said Demokin and waved his hands in horror. "Just not that thing! Get in."
The five weirdos lived in Demokin's mansion and was happy, until the devil heard about their illegal gathering. He invaded Demokin's mansion and kidnapped all the residents, making them a singing and playing band named TOKIO.
And since then until today, Johnny the Devil makes a lot of money from this band that long ago was so happy.

*Naji- Nagase Tomoya. Don't ask why. XD


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