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Well I don't like to brag about my everyday life very much, but I think this thing is important enough to tell about, and oh I really want all the world to know about it ^_^

So I had a boyfriend for, like, 4 months, and two weeks ago he proposed to me ^_^
We went to a restaurant near the sea, and he was dressed all formal and it was kind of funny but also very cute. I knew he was going to propose since a week earlier, because he was obvious ("I booked a place at this restaurant because they're very popular" hmm I wouldn't guess XD) and moreover I hate surprises so I told him ages ago that I want some classic proposal and please without surprises.

At the restaurant he was silence like a fish because he was so nervous and I guess it didn't help I complained about the food because it wasn't cooked enough. Well, bad me. Next time I promise to behave myself when we go to some expensive places. Not my fault I like some nice regular places XP

Then we went out, walked by shore, and then we "accidently" met one of his friends with an enormous bouquet of all kinds of yellow flowers (my favorite color ^^). My boyfriend recruited his two best friends for this project, he was so cute! We continued walking and then we reached a decorated chair in the middle of the street. Well to this I really didn't excepted ^^"

I sat on the chair, and my boyfriend knelt down and asked me to be his wife (*___________*). Man, is there a girl out there who doesn’t want to hear those words once in her life? *_*

Before that he sang for me, a song he like and always wanted to sing to his future wife, "I don't want to set the world on fire". He knows it from some kind of a computer game XD. Sorry I can't remember all the games he played in his life, just like I don't expect him to remember who KinKi Kids or Kanjani8 are.

While he sang, a bunch of people started gathering close to us, because we caught their attention, and some teenager girls started to sing some love songs and to shout and it was so funny I almost bursted out laughing. My boyfriend was upset because of the interruption, but I kind of liked it. Anyway I could hear only him so I couldn’t care less about the things going around me.
And of course after that I said YES. ^-^

Oh and what is a proposal without a ring? ;D

After that we talked a little and a lot of random people came to congratulate us. When we went back to his friends, they were at a weird pose- one on the back of the other, and if I didn’t know they’re both straights and married I would have suspected there is something between them XD. My boyfriend told them to stop messing around and they answered “This is nothing! Do you know what kind of glances we got when we walked around the streets with a ring and a big bouquet of flowers?” XD

A couple of days after the proposal we did a kind of engagement party, not something big but it was enough for our families. We have a tradition here to break a plate for good luck (well not exactly but who cares) in the engagement party, so I asked my little sister to make me one and she found the time and made it. I think it was very pretty! Before we break it of course haha. She wrote our names on it ^^

At the little party my boyfriend’s mother gave me an engagement ring. I know the fiancée need to give it but OK. It’s kind of tight for me and I need to fix it, therefore I still don’t wear it. Also the ring looks so expensive I kind of afraid to walk outside with it ^^”

Now we’re in the middle of preparations for the wedding, it’s going to be in 2.2.17. Wish us luck! ^_^

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