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So my best friend [ profile] oru_desu asked if I have this episode, so here you have it! ^_^

KinKi was a little mischivious with this setting in my opinion, because Tackey wasn't really a normal guest. He was still a young junior at that time, and I think KinKi only wanted someone to be beautiful and quiet and that's all. Tackey merely speaks here XD
This episode contains mainly VTRs, and a lot of Johnny's VTRs. It's so funny I laughed so hard! But then again if you came here for Tackey, you'll be kind of disappointed I think ^^"

The quality isn't great but it's an old episode so why wouldn't it be? ;D
Download link is HERE. Enjoy~ ^_^
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[ profile] chynnawitch asked me if I have Koichi's Mirror concert, so I uploaded it for her and for everyone who wants this :)
Again, I didn't watched it yet so I have no opinion, but it looks cool. Also Yara and MA are there! Everyone's so tiny ^^

DL: Disc1, Disc2, Disc3.
Also there is an off-shot HERE. ^^
Enjoy! And please tell me if everything is wrong with the links :)

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Hi minna!

I uploaded Koichi's BPM concert. I didn't watch it yet so I don't have an opinion, but I do know Pan-chan is there! And young Fo~Yu~! ^^
The quality isn't very great, but it's OK. I hope you enjoy it. What I have here is a limited edition, I think, anyway I have one more file that connect to this somehow. It's part of Disc 2 of the RE, that's what I think anyway. :)

DL: Disc1, Disc2, Disc3.  (Disc 3 is some kind of behind the scences :))
And here is the extra file I have ^^

Have a nice day~ and please tell me if everything is wrong with the links ^-^
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Well I don't like to brag about my everyday life very much, but I think this thing is important enough to tell about, and oh I really want all the world to know about it ^_^

So I had a boyfriend for, like, 4 months, and two weeks ago he proposed to me ^_^
We went to a restaurant near the sea, and he was dressed all formal and it was kind of funny but also very cute. I knew he was going to propose since a week earlier, because he was obvious ("I booked a place at this restaurant because they're very popular" hmm I wouldn't guess XD) and moreover I hate surprises so I told him ages ago that I want some classic proposal and please without surprises.

At the restaurant he was silence like a fish because he was so nervous and I guess it didn't help I complained about the food because it wasn't cooked enough. Well, bad me. Next time I promise to behave myself when we go to some expensive places. Not my fault I like some nice regular places XP

Then we went out, walked by shore, and then we "accidently" met one of his friends with an enormous bouquet of all kinds of yellow flowers (my favorite color ^^). My boyfriend recruited his two best friends for this project, he was so cute! We continued walking and then we reached a decorated chair in the middle of the street. Well to this I really didn't excepted ^^"

I sat on the chair, and my boyfriend knelt down and asked me to be his wife (*___________*). Man, is there a girl out there who doesn’t want to hear those words once in her life? *_*

Before that he sang for me, a song he like and always wanted to sing to his future wife, "I don't want to set the world on fire". He knows it from some kind of a computer game XD. Sorry I can't remember all the games he played in his life, just like I don't expect him to remember who KinKi Kids or Kanjani8 are.

While he sang, a bunch of people started gathering close to us, because we caught their attention, and some teenager girls started to sing some love songs and to shout and it was so funny I almost bursted out laughing. My boyfriend was upset because of the interruption, but I kind of liked it. Anyway I could hear only him so I couldn’t care less about the things going around me.
And of course after that I said YES. ^-^

Oh and what is a proposal without a ring? ;D

After that we talked a little and a lot of random people came to congratulate us. When we went back to his friends, they were at a weird pose- one on the back of the other, and if I didn’t know they’re both straights and married I would have suspected there is something between them XD. My boyfriend told them to stop messing around and they answered “This is nothing! Do you know what kind of glances we got when we walked around the streets with a ring and a big bouquet of flowers?” XD

A couple of days after the proposal we did a kind of engagement party, not something big but it was enough for our families. We have a tradition here to break a plate for good luck (well not exactly but who cares) in the engagement party, so I asked my little sister to make me one and she found the time and made it. I think it was very pretty! Before we break it of course haha. She wrote our names on it ^^

At the little party my boyfriend’s mother gave me an engagement ring. I know the fiancée need to give it but OK. It’s kind of tight for me and I need to fix it, therefore I still don’t wear it. Also the ring looks so expensive I kind of afraid to walk outside with it ^^”

Now we’re in the middle of preparations for the wedding, it’s going to be in 2.2.17. Wish us luck! ^_^

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Hi guys!
I don't know why but I didn't see anyone who posted Kanjani8's newest single in LiveJournal, even though it's out for a couple of days/weeks already. So I uploaded the single for people who want this and are still waiting :)
I most say this single is not mine, I didn't ripped it or something. I just collected the songs from all over the internet. My main source is this one, and the rest of the songs I found on Junglevibe. ^^
Yes I know this post is unnecessary, but... just but.

Download (42 MB): MEGA

Songs list:
1. Tsumi to Natsu.
2. Baki Baki Taisou Daiichi.
3. Eito Eighter Oh!
4. The Light.
5. Uwasa no Otokomaeto!
6. Do You Agree?
No backing tracks because I don't want to. xP

Actually except "Tsumi to Natsu" I didn't listen to the single yet. Well, we can only blame this period of the year. XD
Oh wait I listened to "Do You Agree?" too, but this doesn't count becuse this is an old song XD
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Hi there!
AmeNoUta subbed the next episode of Ningen Shikkau, and I uploaded it to MEGA for people who can't download from Torrent. Anyway, you can find the link Here at my main post, and you can always visit AmeNoUta for the original link!
Don't forget to thank AmeNoUta for all her hard work!! :)

Oh and thanks to [ profile] sugi_ming90 for drawing my attention to this ^_^

I'd have posted it sooner, but there was a power outage for half a day at the building I'm living in. And then my siblings said MEGA "drinks" all the internet so I should pause my upload until they'll finish watching a reality show at a streaming site...
Well never mind me. XD
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Hi minna!
I wanted to watch this episode since long ago but I found it only recently. Anyway I wanted to share it with you ^_^
The quality isn't very good, but it's quite an old episode so it's understandable ;)

So what do we got here? KinKi Kids, Takamizawa-san, little girl and Enari-kun are in Hawaii! They visited all kinds of villas and generally did everything they wanted and went crazy. Really. XD

I mean, what is this?! -

Takamizawa-san, why did you enter the bath? And Tsuyoshi- what do you think you are doing?! XDD
They opened things, went to places they couldn't go, did a mess and they almost broke something XD

In the middle of the episode, they showed a bunch of clips from Domoto Kyoudai episodes that got the highest rating. And guess what? In the clip that had 1st place rating they dance "Mayim Be'Sasson"!!
Man, they caught me off-guard XD
I mean yeah, they had a terrible accent and I'm sure they had no idea what they're saying, but it's a fact that this is Hebrew. From the bible and all. Isaiah if you really want to know. :)
I don't know why but Japanese people have something with this song... You can find the original song here and the Japanese version here if you want to hear the song.

In the last part of the episode they continued traveling in Hawaii, and now KinKi played a prank on Takamizawa-san and made him think the police is after him XD
Actually I wanted to watch this episode mainly because of that. XD

So finally-
MEGA (1:34:55, 813 MB): .001 .002 .003 .004 .005

Enjoy! ^_^


(Me, if I were in Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume. The one on the right. XP)
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Well, I watched this movie with my sister this week (actually I watched it twice ^^"), and I like it very much so I decided to write here my opinion. And of course I wanted to recommend this to everyone ^_^

I watched this because Okada is the main character, but the truth is that this movie is good on its own. Somehow Okada gets to act in all the good movies... I don't complain, no ;) The plot was very interesting and uniqe, in my opinion.

no title

Contain spoilers )

Well, that's it. I've talked a lot. I really recommend this movie. Now I'm waiting for Okada's other movies, "Library Wars 2" and "Everest, Kamigami no itadaki". Okada's movies never fail to entertain me ^_^

If someone wants to see Tenchi Maisetsu, you can find the movie itself at [ profile] v6_unlimited here and eng subs here. Enjoy! :)
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I had this file for a while already uploaded, so I decided to share it here for people who would like to have it. I'm pretty sure you can find it elsewhere in the net and I also posted it at [ profile] v6_unlimited, but another link is never a bother ;D
Anyway! The subs are not mine, they're JTV. I only uploaded another copy of this.

Hope you'll like the movie, I think it was perfect! They somehow managed to squeeze the whole drama in this movie and it's great! I don't mean they repeat the same things they did already, but they put in all those little pieces of craziness they had in the drama XD

Spoiler )

DVD part 1 [MF]- .001 .002 .003 .004
DVD part 2 [MF]- .001 .002 .003 .004

Enjoy! And please tell me if something wrong with the links. ^^
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[Error: unknown template qotd]When I was a child I wanted to be a Math teacher. I think not a lot of children want to be Math teachers, especially since people usually don't like Math. For me, Math is fun. Really. I had a great Math-teacher in elementary-school, I admired her a lot and I think I like Math because of her. I had great Math teachers in high-school, too, so I didn't lose the passion.
I also wanted to be an Archeologist, but I decided it's not for me... :)
Now I work toward been a Biology-scientist. I like Biology very much, too, my other passion except Math. I hope to work at a Biology field in the future too, but if I won't- I'll work with Math for sure.
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I was bored so I decided to make a list of my favorite manga. I thought to choose the 10 best, but I couldn't leave some out of the list, so in the end I have 15 manga in my best-list ^^
Some are classics that everyone knows, but it's only normal because the classics really are good. :D
If someone is looking for recommendations I hope you'll found some here. I read mainly Shoujo so that what I can recommend. :)

I sorted it by the time I read the manga and not by what I like the most, because I really couldn't choose...
So... Let's begin!
***May cointain Spoilers***

Death Note
Boku wa Kira janai! )

Fruits Basket
Everyone has a plum on their back )

You're really cute, I want to protect you )

Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume
Little, but strong )

Cat Street
Show must go on )

NG Life
Saeki is acting weird again )

Heart no Kuni no Alice
A grin without a cat )

Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu
I'll die before I reach 20 )

Strobe Edge
someday you'll sprout wings and fly off without me )

Ao Haru Ride
Kou! )

Hana Kimi
I want to stay by your side )

Kami-sama ga Uso o Tsuku
the secret adventure in the summer of our childhood )

Sakamichi no Apollon
Unlike love, friendship is forever )

Hidamari ga Kikoeru
Sorry, what did you say? )

Hana Yori Dango
I don't need a guy to protect me )

The end! ^^
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I wrote this fanfic for an exchange, and because it's already in English I thought I'll put it here- if someone is interested in reading ^_^
This fanfic is mainly about TOKIO, but KinKi Kids are there, too ^^

This fanfic is only so-so, it doesn't have as much as funny parts as I would like, but- Oh well.

Fellowship of the Ring

In the middle of an isolated island named "DASH" )

And... Happy 31th birthday Ryo Nishikido! :)

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I converted some JE songs from concerts. The quality isn't great and they're pretty short, but they worth listening :)

Ohkura Tadayoshi & Yasuda Shota- Name of Love- MF
(From Spirit!! concert. Subaru and Ryo sang the full song long time ago, too)

Ohkura Tadayoshi- Butterfly- MF
(From Kanjanizm)

Kansai Jr.- Not Finale- MF
(Includes Akito Kiriyama, Kotaki Nozomu, Shigeoka Daiki & Nakama Junta)

Kiriyama Akito- FM
(Akito and more juniors, from Kanjani8's concert Spirit!!)

Kamiyama Tomohiro- MF
(The beginning is with Shigeoka, from NZHT)

Andalucia ni Akogarete- MF
(Countdown 2003-2004, includes almost everyone from TOKIO, V6, Arashi and also Higashiyama, Akira Akasaka, Domoto Koichi and Tsubasa Imai)
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I uploaded one episode of Love Love Aishiteru (#196), when the guests are V6. Well, everyone except Sakamoto... but his spirit is still there XD
The quality is horrible, but this episode is very old so I have no complains. And it also has English subs ^^
The subs are not mine. I have no idea who subbed this..

KinKi Kids gave V6 wine in order to celebrate their 5th year together, and Okada was happy until Tsuyoshi remainds him that he isn't 20 yet, so he can't drink it XD
V6 sang some of their songs and also DANCE DANCE DANCE of Shounentai. Actually this episode was very short...

no title

more printscreens )

Download (103 MB, 30 min): MEGA
Enjoy! ^^
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Well, I thoght I will post here the news, since people always ask me when the next ep of the drama is out. So- AmeNoUta finally subbed episode 7, yay! ^O^

Go to the original blog for the episode here, it's a torrent file. Make sure to thank her! :D
If someone wants a direct link, I uploaded the episode to MEGA. You can found the link here, at my former post of Ningen Shikkaku.

Enjoy! ^^
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Idol on Stage is the old version of The Shounen Club. Very old version. XD You can find here KinKi Kids, V6, some of TOKIO and SMAP, and even some chibi T&T and Arashi. I don't sure when those videos take place, I think it was between the years 1994-1996. The Quality of this is REALLY LOW.

Most of the clips are songs, but there are some plays, too.

There are some kinds of Juniors' groups here-
Johnny's Sr.- Include Sakamoto and Nagano with 4 back dancers (that one of them is Inohara).
Johnny's Jr.- Most of the time it's Morita Go and MiyaKen with back dancers such as Kohara Yuki, Tackey, Tsubasa, Ohno, and more Juniors.
KinKi Kids- Well no need to explain. XD Sometimes they have GoKen as their back dancers.


Nakai Masahiro- My Childhood Friend- MF
Kimura Takuya- Mr. Lonley- MF


Joshima Shigeru & Kokubun Taichi- Forever- MF

KinKi Kids

KinKi Kids- Aoi Inazuma- MF
KinKi Kids- ジプシーカード- MF
KinKi Kids- Can't Take My Eyes Off of You- MF
KinKi Kids- 熱帯夜- MF
KinKi Kids- Natsu no Owari no Harmony- MF
KinKi Kids- Real Love- MF
KinKi Kids- Tayori ni Shitemasse- MF
KinKi Kids- Vehcicle Medley- MF

KinKi Kids- School Play- MF
KinKi Kids- School Play 2- MF   (Inohara's there, too)

KinKi Kids & Nakai- Ball's Play- MF
KinKi Kids & Nakai- Garbage Play- MF
Koichi bumps his head- MF    (Well this is kind of stupid ^^")

Johnny's Sr.

Johnny's Sr.-  Cool- MF
Johnny's Sr.- Dance- MF
Johnny's Sr.- 急げ!若者- MF
Johnny's Sr.- Heaven- MF
Johnny's Sr.- Nightless Girl- MF

Johnny's Jr.

Coming Century- Daijoubu- MF   (Okada's there, too ^^)
Johnny's Jr.- Don't Stop- MF   (Kohara, Inohara and Nakai are there)
Johnny's Jr.- Don't Stop second-version- MF   (Kohara's there)
Johnny's Jr.- ポケットに青春のFunFunFun & Waiting Waiting Waiting- MF    (Tackey's there)
Johnny's Jr.- ポケットに青春のFunFunFun- MF    (Ohno's there)
Johnny's Jr.- Give It to Me- MF     (No GoKen :( but Ohno, Tsubasa and Tackey are there)
Johnny's Jr.- Kool じゃ待てない- MF    (Kohara's there)
Johnny's Jr.- Kool じゃ待てない second version- MF    (No idea why I save this version)
Johnny's Jr.- Men's Bugi- MF    (Kohara and Tackey are there)
Johnny's Jr.- Sushi Kui Nee~! -MF    (Ohno's there. No GoKen)
Johnny's Jr.- Sushi Kui Nee~! -MF    (Tackey & Tsubasa are there)

Hikaru Genji

Yamamoto Junichi-  Kimi wa Boku no Takaramono- MF   (I really love this song *-*)
Yamamoto Junichi- Medley- MF
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I'll re-upload here the episodes of KinKi Kids' drama "Wakaba no Koro". This drama is from 1996, and a little depressing in my opinion. But their acting is cute and it always fun to watch KinKi together ^^
The first 4 episodes have english subs. The subs are from Makoto~Sincerity~Fansubs and are not mine.
The theme song in the end is "Friends" by KinKi Kids. It's from A Album :)

wakaba no koro

Download [MEGA]:
Wakaba no Koro ep.1 (sub): .001 .002 .003 .004 .005 .006 .007 .008
Wakaba no Koro ep.2 (sub): .001 .002 .003 .004 .005 .006 .007
Wakaba no Koro ep.3 (sub): .001 .002 .003 .004 .005 .006 .007 .008     ep.3 (raw): .001 .002 .003
Wakaba no Koro ep.4 (sub): .001 .002 .003 .004 .005
Wakaba no Koro ep.5 (raw): .001 .002 .003
Wakaba no Koro ep.6 (raw): .001 .002 .003
Wakaba no Koro ep.7 (raw): .001 .002 .003
Wakaba no Koro ep.8 (raw): .001 .002 .003
Wakaba no Koro ep.9 (raw): .001 .002 .003
Wakaba no Koro ep.10 (raw): .001 .002 .003
Wakaba no Koro ep.11 (raw): .001 .002 .003
Wakaba no Koro ep.12 (raw): .001 .002 .003

Enjoy~! ^_^
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Yesterday at 7:00 am two palestinian terrorists entered a synagogue in Jerusalem and killed in cold blood 4 people. Those 4 people were in the middle of prayer. Those 4 people are fathers, they have wives and children at home. The terrorists used gun and axes. How sick you need to be in order to kill- KILL!- someone with an axe? The terrorists saw them, looked at them in the eye, AND MURDERED THEM. And why? Because they are Jews. Because they live peacefully in Jerusalem. Because they live in Israel.

The police heard there is a terrorist attack and hurried to the place, and killed the terrorists. One police-man, a Druse man, risked his life in order to save the rest of the men in the synagogue. He died in the struggle.

This have to stop. In the past weeks there were too many terroris-attacks in Israel. People, come to your senses! There are terrorists in Gaza.
The News in US said: "4 Israelis and 2 Palastinians get killed in Jerusalem." Nobody said the 2 Palestinians cause all this thing. Nobody think about this wording. If someone had said in 11.9.2001 that "3,000 Americans and 19 Arabs get killed", what was the response then?


comment, if you like.
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Yay! L concert! ^O^

They started with Cool Beauty, great choice in my opinion :D
(Their first costums... Is it only me that look at them and think of vanille ice-cream? XD)

After some songs they change clothes to something more flashy. It's the first time I like Tsuyoshi's clothes more than Koichi's. Yeah, I know, this pink is horrible and blah blah blah, but still- it's cute! XD
He has really-pink-leopard-pattern-pants under his yellow-black pants, and it's funny...XD

WELCOME performance was so cute and the effects were beautiful! And Inochi no Kiseki... one can die from listening to it... *__*

Well this time Tsuyoshi decided to celebrate Koichi's birthday by telling jokes on his hair. XD He took some of their songs and change their names XD
That was really funny! even though I didn't understand everything and I don't sure if I understand it right, too. But it was amusing XD

אואניידה היאה
Uenaide, Hair.  (Yamenaide, Pure)
Don't grow, Hair.

קיי מיננה גנקי קאי
Ke! Minna Genki Kai?  (Hey! Minna Genki Kai?)
Hair! is everyone good?

Honma ni Tayori ni Shitemakke. (Tayori ni Shitemasse)
Really, Trust Me Hair.

בוקו נו אטאמה גה קאמי גה ארו
Boku no Atama ni wa Kami ga Aru?  (Boku no Senaka ni wa Hane ga Aru)
Is there hair on my head?    LOL!!

קה גאנבארו יו
Ke, Ganbaru yo.   (Ne, Ganbaru yo)
Hair, keep going.

After all those weird songs titles, Tsuyoshi sang two songs for Koichi- Ao no Jidai & Kiss Kara Hajimaru Mystery. Of course he didn't sang them normally, the words were all messed up with a lot of "Mocchi" inside. XD

In the second disc were songs I didn't expected, like Eien no BLOODS, To Heart and Ame no Melody, but also there were songs they didn't sing and I miss them. There are 3 songs from L album that they didn't sing in the concert, Kono Tsuki wa Shizumanai (my favorite >~<), Yuukan na Kimi ni and the-song-with-the-long-name-that-come-with-Candle-Night-in-the-limited-edition XD

Tsuyoshi has a ring! XD

When they sang "Candle Night" all the audience turn on the sticklights, red when Koichi sang and blue when Tsuyoshi sang ^^

And this is the end!

Thank you Fo~ Yu~ for your beautiful dance! ^^

KinKi Kids deshita!

And if someone wants download links- (originally from clubbox)

.001 .002 .003 .004 .005 .006 .007 .008 .009
.001 .002 .003 .004 .005 .006 .007 .008
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Hi guys, did someone out there listen to Tokio Hotel new album, "Kings of Suburbia"?
I'm a fan of Tokio Hotel for a long time now, something like 8 years. I like Bill's voice, I love their style of music. But even so, I just couldn't listen to their new songs... They are so techno my ears started to ache.
I assume there is a trend now to release music that was made with computer effects insted of music made by simple guitars and drums, but still! This is too much for me. Tokio Hotel are like V6 in this aspect in my opinion, V6 release weird techno songs recently, too.
I'm not saying there aren't good songs at all in "Kings of Suburbia"; actually "Girl Got A Gun", "Great Day" and "Masquerade" are exellent songs. But their music is just awful.
Maybe it's just me. Maybe I listened to too many KinKi Kids' songs that now my brain can't stand songs that are more noisy than "Flower". I don't know. But it's a fact that the only song I was able to listen to until the very end was "Run, Run, Run", that includes only Bill's voice and a piano.
What happenend to the 17-years-old guy with the angel's voice? What happenend to the cute rock songs?
Well, yeah, people can't stay the way they are forever. I'm not 13-years-old anymore, too. The last thing you can do is to remember their good points, to say goodbe nicely and to move forward. So, Tokio Hotel, goodbye. It was nice to know you and to love you. You will stay in my heart forever.


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