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Well, I watched this movie with my sister this week (actually I watched it twice ^^"), and I like it very much so I decided to write here my opinion. And of course I wanted to recommend this to everyone ^_^

I watched this because Okada is the main character, but the truth is that this movie is good on its own. Somehow Okada gets to act in all the good movies... I don't complain, no ;) The plot was very interesting and uniqe, in my opinion.

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The story tells about a Go-player (Okada) who likes to observe the stars. One day, he was sent to a mission- to observe the north star from all aruond Japan and to investigate it. The consequence of this research was the knowledge that the calendars people use aren't exact. From then on, he investigated all kinds of calendars and search for the good and exact one.

Meanwhile, Okada meets a nice girl who called En. He wants to marry her, but every time he makes her wait for him. Always, "wait until I prove this", and "in 3 years from now". In the end En tells him that she wants to get married NOW and it's final. Okada agrees and they get married. I think En is a wise woman, if it all depends on Okada they'll never get married.

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Okada said once that he can't act in romantic movies/dramas, and by far every movie that Okada starred in that I saw didn't contain romantic scenes. This was the maximum in this movie-

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The second main issue in this movie after stars was mathematics. There are samurais, mathematics and Okada in this movie, I couldn't ask for more XD
They measured the degrees between Earth and the north star, and with that they knew where Earth is, relative to the stars, the sun and the moon, and therefore knew when an eclipse is going to happen.

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The problem is, sometimes their calculations wasn't exact and they missed eclipses' dates. Okada's purpose was to find this "deviation coefficient", the unknown that disrupted their calculations. As one character said, there's a difference between mathematical calculations and reality. In reality, there's always something that we don't take into account in our calculations. If Okada can find this unknown, he can change the calculating way and the calendars.

So Okada needs to find this "deviation coefficient".

In the end, Okada found that all their calculations and calendars are based on information from China. And because there is a difference of some degrees between Japan and China, they need to fix their calculations a bit in order for them to fit for Japan's conditions. Hurray!

Mathematics was very strong in this movie. Actually, there was a place with a lot of mathematical puzzles, and sometimes they'll pray there for some unknown reasons. It looks like they were praying to the math-God XD. From all the weird gods Japan has, I think the math god is the best XD

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Okada said once that he likes history very much, and I think this movie fits him very well. I watched Gunshi Kanbee too in the past, and when I watched this one I felt so nostalgic~ This movie was softer than Gunshi Kanbee, because it didn't focus on wars and so. Fewer people got killed.

Moreover, Okada this time was an useless samurai, in contradiction to Kanbee. Usually, Okada play those strong, cool characters, like Dojo, Miyabe or Kanbee, but this time he's more useless. He always forgot his sword and so on XD. I think it was actually kind of cute ^^

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I have a theory that every movie/drama that Okada starred in, has another actor that starred with Okada before. This time it was Master (from Kisarazu Cat's Eye) and a guy who starred in Eien no Zero.

Another actor that was in this movie is Yokoyama. Argh he was so ugly there! With his weird bald head! >~<
My sister told me that his character is based on a real person (Okada's as well). He acted as a Go-player, the best one in history. He also was mentioned in "Hikaru no Go". ^^

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Well, that's it. I've talked a lot. I really recommend this movie. Now I'm waiting for Okada's other movies, "Library Wars 2" and "Everest, Kamigami no itadaki". Okada's movies never fail to entertain me ^_^

If someone wants to see Tenchi Maisetsu, you can find the movie itself at [ profile] v6_unlimited here and eng subs here. Enjoy! :)


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