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Hi guys!
I don't know why but I didn't see anyone who posted Kanjani8's newest single in LiveJournal, even though it's out for a couple of days/weeks already. So I uploaded the single for people who want this and are still waiting :)
I most say this single is not mine, I didn't ripped it or something. I just collected the songs from all over the internet. My main source is this one, and the rest of the songs I found on Junglevibe. ^^
Yes I know this post is unnecessary, but... just but.

Download (42 MB): MEGA

Songs list:
1. Tsumi to Natsu.
2. Baki Baki Taisou Daiichi.
3. Eito Eighter Oh!
4. The Light.
5. Uwasa no Otokomaeto!
6. Do You Agree?
No backing tracks because I don't want to. xP

Actually except "Tsumi to Natsu" I didn't listen to the single yet. Well, we can only blame this period of the year. XD
Oh wait I listened to "Do You Agree?" too, but this doesn't count becuse this is an old song XD
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I converted some JE songs from concerts. The quality isn't great and they're pretty short, but they worth listening :)

Ohkura Tadayoshi & Yasuda Shota- Name of Love- MF
(From Spirit!! concert. Subaru and Ryo sang the full song long time ago, too)

Ohkura Tadayoshi- Butterfly- MF
(From Kanjanizm)

Kansai Jr.- Not Finale- MF
(Includes Akito Kiriyama, Kotaki Nozomu, Shigeoka Daiki & Nakama Junta)

Kiriyama Akito- FM
(Akito and more juniors, from Kanjani8's concert Spirit!!)

Kamiyama Tomohiro- MF
(The beginning is with Shigeoka, from NZHT)

Andalucia ni Akogarete- MF
(Countdown 2003-2004, includes almost everyone from TOKIO, V6, Arashi and also Higashiyama, Akira Akasaka, Domoto Koichi and Tsubasa Imai)
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Hi guys, did someone out there listen to Tokio Hotel new album, "Kings of Suburbia"?
I'm a fan of Tokio Hotel for a long time now, something like 8 years. I like Bill's voice, I love their style of music. But even so, I just couldn't listen to their new songs... They are so techno my ears started to ache.
I assume there is a trend now to release music that was made with computer effects insted of music made by simple guitars and drums, but still! This is too much for me. Tokio Hotel are like V6 in this aspect in my opinion, V6 release weird techno songs recently, too.
I'm not saying there aren't good songs at all in "Kings of Suburbia"; actually "Girl Got A Gun", "Great Day" and "Masquerade" are exellent songs. But their music is just awful.
Maybe it's just me. Maybe I listened to too many KinKi Kids' songs that now my brain can't stand songs that are more noisy than "Flower". I don't know. But it's a fact that the only song I was able to listen to until the very end was "Run, Run, Run", that includes only Bill's voice and a piano.
What happenend to the 17-years-old guy with the angel's voice? What happenend to the cute rock songs?
Well, yeah, people can't stay the way they are forever. I'm not 13-years-old anymore, too. The last thing you can do is to remember their good points, to say goodbe nicely and to move forward. So, Tokio Hotel, goodbye. It was nice to know you and to love you. You will stay in my heart forever.
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Recently I got obsessed with some songs of old JE bands, but it was really hard for me to find them.
So, after I found them somewhere in the Internet, I decided I'll upload them just in case someone will want them and wouldn't find ^^

hikaru genji

Hikaru GENJI- Star Light-  MF
Hikaru GENJI- Glass no Juudai- MF
Hikaru GENJI- Paradise Ginga- MF
Hikaru GENJI- 100% Yuuki- MF
Yamamoto Junichi- Kimi wa Boku no Takaramono- MF
Hikaru GENJI- Tsurugi no Mai- MF
Hikaru GENJI- Winning Run- MF
Hikaru GENJI- Boys in August- MF
Hikaru GENJI- 2.5.7- MF

MATCHY (Kondo Masahiko)

Matchy- Sneaker Blues- MF
Matchy- Yuuyake no Uta- MF
Matchy- Orokamono- MF
Matchy- Midnight Shuffle- MF
Matchy- Blue Jeans Memory- MF


Ninja- Omatsuri Ninja- MF

(09/2016) Don't ask me how I managed to find those songs, I don't know either. But I found some Here. Not all the songs in here work, so I uploaded the good ones to Mediafire. I didn't listen to those yet, only some. I thought the songs will be with the same pattern as Omatsuri Ninja, but they aren't. Well, yes, I'm disappointed, but that what we have. So-

Ninja- Harapeko- MF
Ninja- See you again...!- MF  (Don't even sure this song is Ninja's ;^^)
Ninja- Oi! Kuruyama-san- MF
Ninja- Harasho!- MF
Ninja- Marilyn Monroe no Sunglass- MF  (Doesn't have any lyrics but still their best song in my opinion!)
Ninja- Ringo Hakusho- MF  (A nice one)
Ninja- Kimi ni Onchu- MF   (Don't even sure this song is Ninja's, too ;^^)
Ninja- Tenchu- MF   (There's a girl in it...?!)
Ninja- Nippon Boogie- MF
Ninja- Namida Namida no Karaoke Box- MF
Ninja- Hi-Mi-Ko- MF


Otokogumi- DAYBREAK- MF
Otokogumi- Burn it!- MF
Otokogumi- Angel- MF
Otokogumi- Aki- MF
Otokogumi- Rockin' My Soul- MF
Otokogumi- Cross To You- MF
Otokogumi-TIME ZONE- MF
Otokogumi- Resistance-  MF
Otokogumi- Midnight Train-  MF
Otokogumi- Mihari- MF
Otokogumi- Nemurinitsuku Mae ni- MF
Otokogumi- TOKYO Plastic Shounen- MF
Otokogumi- Don't Sleep- MF
Otokogumi- The Front- MF
Otokogumi- Thursday Morning- MF
Otokogumi- Stand Out- MF
Otokogumi- Rollin' in the Dark- MF
Otokogumi- Overtune~ Root 17- MF

(07/2015) OMG I  just found a gold-mine of Otokogumi's songs *_______*
So, if there's another person that obssesed with Otokogumi's songs like me, and want more songs that I don't have here in this post, just visit [ profile] banban007 she has like EVERYTHING Otokogumi ever released *______*
(03/2016) Yeah so I found another gold-mine! Here at [ profile] samuraisx.
Well maybe I'm the only one here getting excited but who cares! ^O^

Shibugakitai (シブがき隊)

Shibugakitai- NAI NAI 16- MF
Shibugakitai- Sushi kui nee!- MF
Shibugakitai- ZIG ZAG 17- MF


Shounentai- Kimi Dake ni- MF
Shounentai- Sasowarete EX- MF


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