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So my best friend [ profile] oru_desu asked if I have this episode, so here you have it! ^_^

KinKi was a little mischivious with this setting in my opinion, because Tackey wasn't really a normal guest. He was still a young junior at that time, and I think KinKi only wanted someone to be beautiful and quiet and that's all. Tackey merely speaks here XD
This episode contains mainly VTRs, and a lot of Johnny's VTRs. It's so funny I laughed so hard! But then again if you came here for Tackey, you'll be kind of disappointed I think ^^"

The quality isn't great but it's an old episode so why wouldn't it be? ;D
Download link is HERE. Enjoy~ ^_^
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Hi there!
AmeNoUta subbed the next episode of Ningen Shikkau, and I uploaded it to MEGA for people who can't download from Torrent. Anyway, you can find the link Here at my main post, and you can always visit AmeNoUta for the original link!
Don't forget to thank AmeNoUta for all her hard work!! :)

Oh and thanks to [ profile] sugi_ming90 for drawing my attention to this ^_^

I'd have posted it sooner, but there was a power outage for half a day at the building I'm living in. And then my siblings said MEGA "drinks" all the internet so I should pause my upload until they'll finish watching a reality show at a streaming site...
Well never mind me. XD
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Hi minna!
I wanted to watch this episode since long ago but I found it only recently. Anyway I wanted to share it with you ^_^
The quality isn't very good, but it's quite an old episode so it's understandable ;)

So what do we got here? KinKi Kids, Takamizawa-san, little girl and Enari-kun are in Hawaii! They visited all kinds of villas and generally did everything they wanted and went crazy. Really. XD

I mean, what is this?! -

Takamizawa-san, why did you enter the bath? And Tsuyoshi- what do you think you are doing?! XDD
They opened things, went to places they couldn't go, did a mess and they almost broke something XD

In the middle of the episode, they showed a bunch of clips from Domoto Kyoudai episodes that got the highest rating. And guess what? In the clip that had 1st place rating they dance "Mayim Be'Sasson"!!
Man, they caught me off-guard XD
I mean yeah, they had a terrible accent and I'm sure they had no idea what they're saying, but it's a fact that this is Hebrew. From the bible and all. Isaiah if you really want to know. :)
I don't know why but Japanese people have something with this song... You can find the original song here and the Japanese version here if you want to hear the song.

In the last part of the episode they continued traveling in Hawaii, and now KinKi played a prank on Takamizawa-san and made him think the police is after him XD
Actually I wanted to watch this episode mainly because of that. XD

So finally-
MEGA (1:34:55, 813 MB): .001 .002 .003 .004 .005

Enjoy! ^_^


(Me, if I were in Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume. The one on the right. XP)
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I wrote this fanfic for an exchange, and because it's already in English I thought I'll put it here- if someone is interested in reading ^_^
This fanfic is mainly about TOKIO, but KinKi Kids are there, too ^^

This fanfic is only so-so, it doesn't have as much as funny parts as I would like, but- Oh well.

Fellowship of the Ring

In the middle of an isolated island named "DASH" )

And... Happy 31th birthday Ryo Nishikido! :)

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I uploaded one episode of Love Love Aishiteru (#196), when the guests are V6. Well, everyone except Sakamoto... but his spirit is still there XD
The quality is horrible, but this episode is very old so I have no complains. And it also has English subs ^^
The subs are not mine. I have no idea who subbed this..

KinKi Kids gave V6 wine in order to celebrate their 5th year together, and Okada was happy until Tsuyoshi remainds him that he isn't 20 yet, so he can't drink it XD
V6 sang some of their songs and also DANCE DANCE DANCE of Shounentai. Actually this episode was very short...

no title

more printscreens )

Download (103 MB, 30 min): MEGA
Enjoy! ^^
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Well, I thoght I will post here the news, since people always ask me when the next ep of the drama is out. So- AmeNoUta finally subbed episode 7, yay! ^O^

Go to the original blog for the episode here, it's a torrent file. Make sure to thank her! :D
If someone wants a direct link, I uploaded the episode to MEGA. You can found the link here, at my former post of Ningen Shikkaku.

Enjoy! ^^
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Idol on Stage is the old version of The Shounen Club. Very old version. XD You can find here KinKi Kids, V6, some of TOKIO and SMAP, and even some chibi T&T and Arashi. I don't sure when those videos take place, I think it was between the years 1994-1996. The Quality of this is REALLY LOW.

Most of the clips are songs, but there are some plays, too.

There are some kinds of Juniors' groups here-
Johnny's Sr.- Include Sakamoto and Nagano with 4 back dancers (that one of them is Inohara).
Johnny's Jr.- Most of the time it's Morita Go and MiyaKen with back dancers such as Kohara Yuki, Tackey, Tsubasa, Ohno, and more Juniors.
KinKi Kids- Well no need to explain. XD Sometimes they have GoKen as their back dancers.


Nakai Masahiro- My Childhood Friend- MF
Kimura Takuya- Mr. Lonley- MF


Joshima Shigeru & Kokubun Taichi- Forever- MF

KinKi Kids

KinKi Kids- Aoi Inazuma- MF
KinKi Kids- ジプシーカード- MF
KinKi Kids- Can't Take My Eyes Off of You- MF
KinKi Kids- 熱帯夜- MF
KinKi Kids- Natsu no Owari no Harmony- MF
KinKi Kids- Real Love- MF
KinKi Kids- Tayori ni Shitemasse- MF
KinKi Kids- Vehcicle Medley- MF

KinKi Kids- School Play- MF
KinKi Kids- School Play 2- MF   (Inohara's there, too)

KinKi Kids & Nakai- Ball's Play- MF
KinKi Kids & Nakai- Garbage Play- MF
Koichi bumps his head- MF    (Well this is kind of stupid ^^")

Johnny's Sr.

Johnny's Sr.-  Cool- MF
Johnny's Sr.- Dance- MF
Johnny's Sr.- 急げ!若者- MF
Johnny's Sr.- Heaven- MF
Johnny's Sr.- Nightless Girl- MF

Johnny's Jr.

Coming Century- Daijoubu- MF   (Okada's there, too ^^)
Johnny's Jr.- Don't Stop- MF   (Kohara, Inohara and Nakai are there)
Johnny's Jr.- Don't Stop second-version- MF   (Kohara's there)
Johnny's Jr.- ポケットに青春のFunFunFun & Waiting Waiting Waiting- MF    (Tackey's there)
Johnny's Jr.- ポケットに青春のFunFunFun- MF    (Ohno's there)
Johnny's Jr.- Give It to Me- MF     (No GoKen :( but Ohno, Tsubasa and Tackey are there)
Johnny's Jr.- Kool じゃ待てない- MF    (Kohara's there)
Johnny's Jr.- Kool じゃ待てない second version- MF    (No idea why I save this version)
Johnny's Jr.- Men's Bugi- MF    (Kohara and Tackey are there)
Johnny's Jr.- Sushi Kui Nee~! -MF    (Ohno's there. No GoKen)
Johnny's Jr.- Sushi Kui Nee~! -MF    (Tackey & Tsubasa are there)

Hikaru Genji

Yamamoto Junichi-  Kimi wa Boku no Takaramono- MF   (I really love this song *-*)
Yamamoto Junichi- Medley- MF
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I'll re-upload here the episodes of KinKi Kids' drama "Wakaba no Koro". This drama is from 1996, and a little depressing in my opinion. But their acting is cute and it always fun to watch KinKi together ^^
The first 4 episodes have english subs. The subs are from Makoto~Sincerity~Fansubs and are not mine.
The theme song in the end is "Friends" by KinKi Kids. It's from A Album :)

wakaba no koro

Download [MEGA]:
Wakaba no Koro ep.1 (sub): .001 .002 .003 .004 .005 .006 .007 .008
Wakaba no Koro ep.2 (sub): .001 .002 .003 .004 .005 .006 .007
Wakaba no Koro ep.3 (sub): .001 .002 .003 .004 .005 .006 .007 .008     ep.3 (raw): .001 .002 .003
Wakaba no Koro ep.4 (sub): .001 .002 .003 .004 .005
Wakaba no Koro ep.5 (raw): .001 .002 .003
Wakaba no Koro ep.6 (raw): .001 .002 .003
Wakaba no Koro ep.7 (raw): .001 .002 .003
Wakaba no Koro ep.8 (raw): .001 .002 .003
Wakaba no Koro ep.9 (raw): .001 .002 .003
Wakaba no Koro ep.10 (raw): .001 .002 .003
Wakaba no Koro ep.11 (raw): .001 .002 .003
Wakaba no Koro ep.12 (raw): .001 .002 .003

Enjoy~! ^_^
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Yay! L concert! ^O^

They started with Cool Beauty, great choice in my opinion :D
(Their first costums... Is it only me that look at them and think of vanille ice-cream? XD)

After some songs they change clothes to something more flashy. It's the first time I like Tsuyoshi's clothes more than Koichi's. Yeah, I know, this pink is horrible and blah blah blah, but still- it's cute! XD
He has really-pink-leopard-pattern-pants under his yellow-black pants, and it's funny...XD

WELCOME performance was so cute and the effects were beautiful! And Inochi no Kiseki... one can die from listening to it... *__*

Well this time Tsuyoshi decided to celebrate Koichi's birthday by telling jokes on his hair. XD He took some of their songs and change their names XD
That was really funny! even though I didn't understand everything and I don't sure if I understand it right, too. But it was amusing XD

אואניידה היאה
Uenaide, Hair.  (Yamenaide, Pure)
Don't grow, Hair.

קיי מיננה גנקי קאי
Ke! Minna Genki Kai?  (Hey! Minna Genki Kai?)
Hair! is everyone good?

Honma ni Tayori ni Shitemakke. (Tayori ni Shitemasse)
Really, Trust Me Hair.

בוקו נו אטאמה גה קאמי גה ארו
Boku no Atama ni wa Kami ga Aru?  (Boku no Senaka ni wa Hane ga Aru)
Is there hair on my head?    LOL!!

קה גאנבארו יו
Ke, Ganbaru yo.   (Ne, Ganbaru yo)
Hair, keep going.

After all those weird songs titles, Tsuyoshi sang two songs for Koichi- Ao no Jidai & Kiss Kara Hajimaru Mystery. Of course he didn't sang them normally, the words were all messed up with a lot of "Mocchi" inside. XD

In the second disc were songs I didn't expected, like Eien no BLOODS, To Heart and Ame no Melody, but also there were songs they didn't sing and I miss them. There are 3 songs from L album that they didn't sing in the concert, Kono Tsuki wa Shizumanai (my favorite >~<), Yuukan na Kimi ni and the-song-with-the-long-name-that-come-with-Candle-Night-in-the-limited-edition XD

Tsuyoshi has a ring! XD

When they sang "Candle Night" all the audience turn on the sticklights, red when Koichi sang and blue when Tsuyoshi sang ^^

And this is the end!

Thank you Fo~ Yu~ for your beautiful dance! ^^

KinKi Kids deshita!

And if someone wants download links- (originally from clubbox)

.001 .002 .003 .004 .005 .006 .007 .008 .009
.001 .002 .003 .004 .005 .006 .007 .008
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Hi there!
I decided to Re-Upload KinKi Kids' Concert- J Tour ^^
Although not their best performance (too much talking and less singing in my opinion), a very cute live. Of course they have support from their eternal Juniors- Yara, Machida and Yonehana ^^


They sang all the songs from J album (like, Duhhh), and some of their classic songs such as Galasu no Shounen, Aisareru yori mo Aishitai & Ame no Melody.

Tsuyoshi celebrated Koichi's birthday (when he doesn't do that? XD), and even wrote a song for him. ^^ This song is funny and stupid, but so long... After 4 min of Koichi's song everyone thought the song is over but- no! Tsuyoshi keeps singing XD
I totally understand this position of Koichi, in the middle of the song XD

I must say they performed "Kaze no Sonnet" very beautifully *-* It was the cherry on top of the DVD :)

More funny MC. XD

This is the what Tsuyoshi gave Koichi this year. Until now I don't sure if Koichi like or dislike this picture...XD
I think it's a cute (and quick-made) present :3

Download LINKS: [MEGA]

Disc 1- .001 .002 .003 .004 .005
Disc 2- .001 .002 .003 .004 .005

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Because some people wanted links to download and Torrent isn't good for them, I upload the episodes here. I tried to split it to parts because it's easier to download like that, but surprisingly I couldn't split them... so full episodes for you ;)

Of course all subs are not mine, but AmeNoUta & LoveSong.


ningen shikkaku

[LoveSong] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 1- MEGA
[LoveSong] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 2- MEGA
[LoveSong] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 3- MEGA
[LoveSong] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 4- MEGA
[AmeNoUta] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 5- MEGA
[AmeNoUta] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 6- MEGA
[AmeNoUta] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 7- MEGA
[AmeNoUta] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 8- MEGA

And if someone wants smaller files...

[LoveSong] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 1- MEGA
[LoveSong] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 2- MEGA
[LoveSong] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 3- MEGA
[LoveSong] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 4- MEGA
[AmeNoUta] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 5- MEGA
[AmeNoUta] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 6- MEGA
[AmeNoUta] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 7- MEGA
[AmeNoUta] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 8- MEGA
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This clip is from the Program Love Love Aishiteru, when KinKi Kids went to Australia. This crazy girl from their program decided to wake them up, together with TOKIO's Riida, Joshima Shigeru. ^^

Date: 11/12/99  (Old...XD)

The subs are by [ profile] 39_fansubs , Their credit. I only re-upload this 'cause their link is dead.

Some printscreens: ^_^




Download Link: MF

Please tell me if something's wrong with the link/file ^^
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I reupload KinKi Kids' Phi Concert. The sub video is from NEWShFAN.

Very recommended! This concert is full of beautiful songs and funny moments! ^_^



Download links:

Disc 1 part 1 [RAW]: MEGA
Disc 1 part 2 [RAW]: MEGA

Disc 1 [SUB]: .001 .002 .003 .004

Disc 2 part 1 [SUB]: MF
Disc 2 part 2 [SUB]: .001 .002 .003 .004 .005

NOTE: The sub files only are not the full concert!

And please tell me if something's wrong ^^
**updated: 6.1.2016**


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