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So my best friend [ profile] oru_desu asked if I have this episode, so here you have it! ^_^

KinKi was a little mischivious with this setting in my opinion, because Tackey wasn't really a normal guest. He was still a young junior at that time, and I think KinKi only wanted someone to be beautiful and quiet and that's all. Tackey merely speaks here XD
This episode contains mainly VTRs, and a lot of Johnny's VTRs. It's so funny I laughed so hard! But then again if you came here for Tackey, you'll be kind of disappointed I think ^^"

The quality isn't great but it's an old episode so why wouldn't it be? ;D
Download link is HERE. Enjoy~ ^_^
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I converted some JE songs from concerts. The quality isn't great and they're pretty short, but they worth listening :)

Ohkura Tadayoshi & Yasuda Shota- Name of Love- MF
(From Spirit!! concert. Subaru and Ryo sang the full song long time ago, too)

Ohkura Tadayoshi- Butterfly- MF
(From Kanjanizm)

Kansai Jr.- Not Finale- MF
(Includes Akito Kiriyama, Kotaki Nozomu, Shigeoka Daiki & Nakama Junta)

Kiriyama Akito- FM
(Akito and more juniors, from Kanjani8's concert Spirit!!)

Kamiyama Tomohiro- MF
(The beginning is with Shigeoka, from NZHT)

Andalucia ni Akogarete- MF
(Countdown 2003-2004, includes almost everyone from TOKIO, V6, Arashi and also Higashiyama, Akira Akasaka, Domoto Koichi and Tsubasa Imai)
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Idol on Stage is the old version of The Shounen Club. Very old version. XD You can find here KinKi Kids, V6, some of TOKIO and SMAP, and even some chibi T&T and Arashi. I don't sure when those videos take place, I think it was between the years 1994-1996. The Quality of this is REALLY LOW.

Most of the clips are songs, but there are some plays, too.

There are some kinds of Juniors' groups here-
Johnny's Sr.- Include Sakamoto and Nagano with 4 back dancers (that one of them is Inohara).
Johnny's Jr.- Most of the time it's Morita Go and MiyaKen with back dancers such as Kohara Yuki, Tackey, Tsubasa, Ohno, and more Juniors.
KinKi Kids- Well no need to explain. XD Sometimes they have GoKen as their back dancers.


Nakai Masahiro- My Childhood Friend- MF
Kimura Takuya- Mr. Lonley- MF


Joshima Shigeru & Kokubun Taichi- Forever- MF

KinKi Kids

KinKi Kids- Aoi Inazuma- MF
KinKi Kids- ジプシーカード- MF
KinKi Kids- Can't Take My Eyes Off of You- MF
KinKi Kids- 熱帯夜- MF
KinKi Kids- Natsu no Owari no Harmony- MF
KinKi Kids- Real Love- MF
KinKi Kids- Tayori ni Shitemasse- MF
KinKi Kids- Vehcicle Medley- MF

KinKi Kids- School Play- MF
KinKi Kids- School Play 2- MF   (Inohara's there, too)

KinKi Kids & Nakai- Ball's Play- MF
KinKi Kids & Nakai- Garbage Play- MF
Koichi bumps his head- MF    (Well this is kind of stupid ^^")

Johnny's Sr.

Johnny's Sr.-  Cool- MF
Johnny's Sr.- Dance- MF
Johnny's Sr.- 急げ!若者- MF
Johnny's Sr.- Heaven- MF
Johnny's Sr.- Nightless Girl- MF

Johnny's Jr.

Coming Century- Daijoubu- MF   (Okada's there, too ^^)
Johnny's Jr.- Don't Stop- MF   (Kohara, Inohara and Nakai are there)
Johnny's Jr.- Don't Stop second-version- MF   (Kohara's there)
Johnny's Jr.- ポケットに青春のFunFunFun & Waiting Waiting Waiting- MF    (Tackey's there)
Johnny's Jr.- ポケットに青春のFunFunFun- MF    (Ohno's there)
Johnny's Jr.- Give It to Me- MF     (No GoKen :( but Ohno, Tsubasa and Tackey are there)
Johnny's Jr.- Kool じゃ待てない- MF    (Kohara's there)
Johnny's Jr.- Kool じゃ待てない second version- MF    (No idea why I save this version)
Johnny's Jr.- Men's Bugi- MF    (Kohara and Tackey are there)
Johnny's Jr.- Sushi Kui Nee~! -MF    (Ohno's there. No GoKen)
Johnny's Jr.- Sushi Kui Nee~! -MF    (Tackey & Tsubasa are there)

Hikaru Genji

Yamamoto Junichi-  Kimi wa Boku no Takaramono- MF   (I really love this song *-*)
Yamamoto Junichi- Medley- MF
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Recently I got obsessed with some songs of old JE bands, but it was really hard for me to find them.
So, after I found them somewhere in the Internet, I decided I'll upload them just in case someone will want them and wouldn't find ^^

hikaru genji

Hikaru GENJI- Star Light-  MF
Hikaru GENJI- Glass no Juudai- MF
Hikaru GENJI- Paradise Ginga- MF
Hikaru GENJI- 100% Yuuki- MF
Yamamoto Junichi- Kimi wa Boku no Takaramono- MF
Hikaru GENJI- Tsurugi no Mai- MF
Hikaru GENJI- Winning Run- MF
Hikaru GENJI- Boys in August- MF
Hikaru GENJI- 2.5.7- MF

MATCHY (Kondo Masahiko)

Matchy- Sneaker Blues- MF
Matchy- Yuuyake no Uta- MF
Matchy- Orokamono- MF
Matchy- Midnight Shuffle- MF
Matchy- Blue Jeans Memory- MF


Ninja- Omatsuri Ninja- MF

(09/2016) Don't ask me how I managed to find those songs, I don't know either. But I found some Here. Not all the songs in here work, so I uploaded the good ones to Mediafire. I didn't listen to those yet, only some. I thought the songs will be with the same pattern as Omatsuri Ninja, but they aren't. Well, yes, I'm disappointed, but that what we have. So-

Ninja- Harapeko- MF
Ninja- See you again...!- MF  (Don't even sure this song is Ninja's ;^^)
Ninja- Oi! Kuruyama-san- MF
Ninja- Harasho!- MF
Ninja- Marilyn Monroe no Sunglass- MF  (Doesn't have any lyrics but still their best song in my opinion!)
Ninja- Ringo Hakusho- MF  (A nice one)
Ninja- Kimi ni Onchu- MF   (Don't even sure this song is Ninja's, too ;^^)
Ninja- Tenchu- MF   (There's a girl in it...?!)
Ninja- Nippon Boogie- MF
Ninja- Namida Namida no Karaoke Box- MF
Ninja- Hi-Mi-Ko- MF


Otokogumi- DAYBREAK- MF
Otokogumi- Burn it!- MF
Otokogumi- Angel- MF
Otokogumi- Aki- MF
Otokogumi- Rockin' My Soul- MF
Otokogumi- Cross To You- MF
Otokogumi-TIME ZONE- MF
Otokogumi- Resistance-  MF
Otokogumi- Midnight Train-  MF
Otokogumi- Mihari- MF
Otokogumi- Nemurinitsuku Mae ni- MF
Otokogumi- TOKYO Plastic Shounen- MF
Otokogumi- Don't Sleep- MF
Otokogumi- The Front- MF
Otokogumi- Thursday Morning- MF
Otokogumi- Stand Out- MF
Otokogumi- Rollin' in the Dark- MF
Otokogumi- Overtune~ Root 17- MF

(07/2015) OMG I  just found a gold-mine of Otokogumi's songs *_______*
So, if there's another person that obssesed with Otokogumi's songs like me, and want more songs that I don't have here in this post, just visit [ profile] banban007 she has like EVERYTHING Otokogumi ever released *______*
(03/2016) Yeah so I found another gold-mine! Here at [ profile] samuraisx.
Well maybe I'm the only one here getting excited but who cares! ^O^

Shibugakitai (シブがき隊)

Shibugakitai- NAI NAI 16- MF
Shibugakitai- Sushi kui nee!- MF
Shibugakitai- ZIG ZAG 17- MF


Shounentai- Kimi Dake ni- MF
Shounentai- Sasowarete EX- MF


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