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Hi guys, did someone out there listen to Tokio Hotel new album, "Kings of Suburbia"?
I'm a fan of Tokio Hotel for a long time now, something like 8 years. I like Bill's voice, I love their style of music. But even so, I just couldn't listen to their new songs... They are so techno my ears started to ache.
I assume there is a trend now to release music that was made with computer effects insted of music made by simple guitars and drums, but still! This is too much for me. Tokio Hotel are like V6 in this aspect in my opinion, V6 release weird techno songs recently, too.
I'm not saying there aren't good songs at all in "Kings of Suburbia"; actually "Girl Got A Gun", "Great Day" and "Masquerade" are exellent songs. But their music is just awful.
Maybe it's just me. Maybe I listened to too many KinKi Kids' songs that now my brain can't stand songs that are more noisy than "Flower". I don't know. But it's a fact that the only song I was able to listen to until the very end was "Run, Run, Run", that includes only Bill's voice and a piano.
What happenend to the 17-years-old guy with the angel's voice? What happenend to the cute rock songs?
Well, yeah, people can't stay the way they are forever. I'm not 13-years-old anymore, too. The last thing you can do is to remember their good points, to say goodbe nicely and to move forward. So, Tokio Hotel, goodbye. It was nice to know you and to love you. You will stay in my heart forever.


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